Restaurant Facilities Management

A facilities management service that gives you the control of a full-time employee with the efficiency of a software

Sidework Solves The Problem of Inefficient Restaurant Facilities Management Solutions

Many restaurants spend upwards of 3% of revenue on restaurant facilities management and don’t have a clear understanding of how much, or where this money is spent until they receive their periodic income statements.

What is a CMMS and do I need one for my organization?

A CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management System, is a software application used to manage and streamline maintenance operations within an organization. It helps track and schedule maintenance tasks, manage work orders, monitor equipment status, track inventory, and generate reports. CMMS systems are designed to improve maintenance efficiency, reduce downtime, and optimize asset management. We also refer to this as a facilities management platform. We can put one in place or use whatever CMMS you are already using at your organization.

Our Plan Options

Sidework FM

Sidework FM encompasses the complete implementation of your CMMS platform, which involves the onboarding and training of vendors and operators, as well as asset tagging. Additionally, this plan includes ongoing support to ensure continuous assistance and guidance.

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per location, per month

Sidework Prevent

Sidework Prevent includes all features of our Sidework FM plan, as well as setup and management of preventative maintenance, including contract negotiation, vendor management, and coordination support.

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per location, per month

Sidework 360

Sidework 360 is a comprehensive plan that includes all the features of our Sidework FM plan and Sidework Prevent. Additionally, this plan offers support as needed for all service requests, including coordination, proposal and invoice review, and vendor relationship management.

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per location, per month

How We Help

We manage the environment that CMMS creates.

No matter what software you’re using, we can manage it for you so your business can better plan for repairs & maintenance, and managers can spend more time focusing on the restaurant, their staff and guests.

Benefits Your Entire Organization

Sidework Facilities Management service is like a member of your team, with the resources of an experienced facilities management company. Our service benefits your entire organization, from corporate reporting, to accounting accuracy, to helping managers ensure that their facilities are properly maintained, all which create an environment free from the hassles of vendor management, and broken systems.

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Learn more about how your restaurant can plan better for repairs and maintenance, receive better pricing & service from vendors, reconcile work orders and invoices, so you can keep your staff happily focused on providing a great hospitality experience to your guests.