One thing all restaurant industry folk have in common, besides being gluttons for punishment, is an innate determination to find a better way. There’s a constant drive to deliver a better guest experience, provide a better work environment, manage labor and COGS more efficiently…the list goes on and on. Sidework results from our team’s vision to build a better restaurant facilities management program.

Our founders have worked in the restaurant industry for their entire careers and in many capacities, including facilities management, development, operations, accounting, finance, and the front and back of house. Through it all, one thing is clear: our industry’s components need to be streamlined and improved. Many software providers are trying to streamline restaurant facilities management. The main problem is that software is only as good as those managing it. That’s where Sidework fits in. We manage the environment that CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) creates.

Sidework is on a mission. We believe that every restaurant, regardless of size and status, should be able to receive timely and cost-efficient facilities management support. Moreover, restaurant managers need to be able to manage their restaurants, and assets’ repair and maintenance needs in a less time-consuming way and through a less opaque process. Our program allows restaurant managers and chefs to “self-manage” their assets. In this context, “self-manage” is defined as the ability of a unit-level manager to maintain ownership of the lifecycle of their assets through frictionless ticket submission and management processes, all supported by a team of seasoned restaurant professionals in a transparent environment.

Through our decades in restaurants, our challenges (mistakes), experience (crazy hours), and aspirations (we have something to prove), our vision is to create a brand that is based on a straightforward approach: to provide a restaurant-focused facilities management solution that results in fast and cost-efficient asset repairs. Ultimately, we know that we’re only as good as the last issue that our program resolved…which is the mindset our team takes into every service call.

We look forward to changing minds about the facilities management function in the restaurant space.

The Sidework Team

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Nate Berkowitz
Nate Berkowitz
Operating Partner
Greg Pippett
Greg Pippett
Managing Partner