Without real-time visibility into spending, it’s often not until reviewing income statements that wasteful spending comes to light. Sidework shines a light on otherwise opaque facilities departments.

Sidework’s software-enabled approach, blending human expertise with state-of-the-art facility management software provides senior leadership unobstructed access to spending in real-time.  How does it work?

Senior Leadership Benefits

Sidework Offers Complete Transparency

Sidework’s unique blend of restaurant specific facilities management software and team experienced in both facilities management, restaurant operations and restaurant accounting offers real-time access to all work orders for existing facilities and those in development backed by folks who know exactly what you’re dealing with on a day-to-day basis. Brand leaders receive immediate access to real-time R&M activities, asset lifecycle tracking, and repair vs. replace scenarios all with the support of folks who have lived in your shoes.

Indeed, Sidework gives you the big-picture view necessary to make intelligent decisions. This makes it superior to desktop-only software, outsourcing to a facilities management vendor, or tasking your internal team with data transparency.

Sidework includes a database of fully-vetted vendors, but you’re never obligated to use them. You’re welcome to bring your own vendors to the platform. Vendor management is simplified with Sidework, holding them accountable for the consistent, timely delivery of products and effective repair or service. 

Multi-level user setup also allows for Not to Exceed (NTE) limits without approval.  Even better? The Sidework team handles the bulk of the software implementation, including comprehensive platform training to your entire team and ongoing software administrative support. 

The team at Sidework can also boost capital development project transparency by providing due diligence reporting, lease facilities requirement reviews, invoice reviews and audits, DOH compliance support, and much more.

Six Weeks to Streamlined Operations

Sidework is a low burden, quickly implemented facility management platform that blends superior human support with technological speed. The platform can be implemented in as quickly as 4 weeks. Sidework handles the heavy lifting of setting up a software solution that is specifically designed to handle the challenges of restaurant facilities management. We’ll provide comprehensive training for your team to quickly get up to speed with the mobile-first platform. But we won’t leave it there.  You’ll have access to emergency support and ongoing platform administrative support.

Do you already have a software solution in place? Our team has extensive experience with all of the leading CMMS platforms and can ensure that yours is managed properly.

We manage the environment that CMMS platforms create.

Empower Your Managers to Self-Manage Assets with Sidework

Your onsite manager and operations team can self-manage assets cost-effectively with the tools, training, and technology available from Sidework. Sidework provides Facilities Management in major metro areas in the U.S. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a free expert analysis of your existing facilities management program.

Data-Driven Decisions Boost Bottom Lines

Data-generated reports allow decision-makers to analyze spending on every asset in your facility. For example, thanks to easy-to-read, mobile-friendly reports, you may see plumbing issues take the most significant bite out of your bottom line. There are occasional faucets that need to be repaired. But clogged drains that require snaking are costing a small fortune.  

With the data provided from Sidework, you can make data-driven decisions to reduce your plumbing costs. Perhaps you invest in snaking tools and instruct your onsite manager to pursue training for the team. Or, it may make sense to invest in a preventative maintenance program such as regular line jetting. 

The point is that you’ll be able to make decisions based on data for a single location or multiple sites. Real-time visibility into data and trends will open doors to targeted cost savings. Historical data will prove invaluable in forecasting and budgeting.

Automation Eliminates the Need for Additional Manpower

Using the Sidework platform can alleviate the costs of multiple internal fixed salary positions (along with their respective tax and benefits obligations). Sidework’s platform delivers spend reports by location, service category, and asset.  In addition, automated warranty tracking, and on-call troubleshooting, offer a cost-effective solution that reduces unproductive time.

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