How much more could you do with  your time other than waiting on hold to place a service or repair request? What could you get done if you didn’t have to read vendor reviews before booking service?  How much easier would your job be if you could conduct vendor follow-up in less than 30 seconds? Sidework’s software-enabled services combined with Account Executives that have lived in your managers’ shoes, makes all of this possible without disrupting your business’s entire workflow.

Manager Benefits

Quick Repairs, Service, and Answers

The timely response to service requests means your staff can do their jobs without delay or obstruction. Users can find clear goals and expectations on the easy-to-use mobile platform. However, you won’t have to worry about them accessing restricted data, as multi-level user setups allow for access only to approved functions, data, and reports.

Consistent Communication

Each client receives a dedicated team that is easily accessible and will reach out with reminders to your team, as needed, when action is needed to keep work moving forward expeditiously.

Budgetary Goals Backed By Data

When your budgets and forecasts are due, we’ll supply all the data you need to set realistic goals that meet your business needs. Our platform will also identify cost savings unique to your facility. With a few swipes on your smartphone, you’ll be able to run various monthly reports, including R&M spends vs budget. 

Easy Identification of Cost-Savings

Warranty tracking and troubleshooting are more accessible and faster than ever through Sidework’s platform. You’ll save on outsourcing facilities management or hiring another internal operations team member.  You’ll be able to decide on the spot if it’s finally more cost-effective to replace your oven the next time it breaks down.

Vendor Management Has Never Been Simpler

You’ll have access to Sidework’s fully-vetted database of vendors, but you’ll also be able to continue using your existing vendors .  The management system will empower you with the information you need to hold your vendors accountable to ETAs and service calls. In other words, managing R&M from a mobile device is easier than ever.

Facility Management In the Palm of Your Hand

Managing your facility is an integral part of your job. But for most managers, it’s not the most rewarding part. Sidework makes facility management easier, faster, cheaper, and more accurate from your mobile device. This allows you to keep your team on target, customers coming back, and your restaurant running smoother.

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