Sidework is an easily integrated program that blends our team’s facility management expertise with the power of technology. With a low implementation burden, Sidework’s software-driven facilities management solution empowers your operations team to self-manage your assets in just weeks.

Why Sidework Works

Sidework was not designed by a software developer in a faraway land. Sidework is the brainchild of two cross-functional restaurant executives with more than 40 years of combined experience in restaurant operations. Our founders astutely identified gaps in existing facilities management solutions and sought to fill the voids. Specifically, our team hones in on highly specific challenges facing owners and operators of restaurants in major metropolitan areas of the U.S.

Sidework offers solutions to the unique challenges facing managers and senior leadership by providing:
  • Low Implementation Burden
  • Expedited Implementation (weeks not months)
  • We manage the ecosystem that facilities softwares create, benefitting all departments in your organization
  • High Vendor Flexibility (Bring Your Own, or Choose from Our Extensive List)
  • Complete Data Transparency (Desktop and Mobile Access)
  • Transparent Vendor Pricing
  • Ongoing Platform Support

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Five Simple Steps to Transparent Facilities Management

In just five simple steps, your restaurant(s) will transition from dependence on others to successful self-management. Here’s how we’ll do it:

Why Managers & Senior Leadership Love Sidework

Sidework offers managers and senior leadership unprecedented visibility into all repair & maintenance (R & M) activities. Specifically, the Sidework platform provides the location’s general manager with the management of R&M service requests and spend to set budgetary goals. 

Senior leadership has access to real-time visibility into facility-related spending and NTE approvals. Concurrently, senior leadership works closely with the Sidework team on budgeting, forecasting, and data-driven decision making.