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The Growing Role of Information Technology in Hospitality Facilities Management

Sidework recently brought together industry experts to delve into how the future of hospitality facilities maintenance and asset selection is shifting as a result of new technological advancements in equipment, government policy, and workforce availability, among other contributing factors.

Guest Speakers:

Kar Vivekananthan – OhmComm, Inc.

Steve Domzalski – M2Reps

Mike Gervais – Multi-Unit Operations Professional

Our Services

Facilities Management


Sidework’s Facilities Management Service works in partnership with your organization as if we are a member of your team. With the resources of an experienced facilities management company, our tech-enabled facilities management service benefits your entire organization, from corporate reporting to accounting accuracy, to helping managers ensure that their facilities are properly maintained. All of these aspects create an environment free from the hassles of vendor management and broken systems. Our goal is to keep your team focused on revenue-producing activities while we oversee your facilities’ needs.


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Log, track and communicate your service requests in your restaurant via your mobile device and Sidework's team will oversee the request all the way through invoicing.

Owner’s Representation

Pippett Consulting’s Owner’s Representation Service plays a crucial role in your hospitality construction project from inception to completion. Our long history of success is attributed to our technical expertise and intimate knowledge of the hospitality industry from an operational perspective. We serve as the vital link between the owner, project managers, contractors, inspectors, and other stakeholders. Our goal is to keep your project on track, meet your overall budget goals without taking any costly shortcuts, address your aesthetic and operational needs, and ensure it’s on schedule for your store’s grand opening.


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Photo of Greg Pippett - Owner's Rep Service for Hospitality on site looking over plans.